It's Easy to become a member of The Foothills Club:

Everyone who attends our Main Event must be a member of the club. Becoming a member is easy! Membership is never required to attend one of our Meet and Greets; never a cover charge or membership fee. Use our Meet and Greet as an opportunity to experience the club in a casual laid back setting, meeting many couples who will be attending the main event on Saturday night.

Step 1: Real Easy!

We recommend all new members come for both Friday and Saturday nights, why? Friday night is more laid back, low key and gives you the best opportunity to meet others in a more casual setting.

We have a very short form of information we ask each new member to complete. This information is entered into our private database and only used to speed your check in process at future events. It is important that your contact information is legible as we use your email address to contact you concerning our upcoming events. We will not sell, trade, or give anyone your contact information and we will not spam you unnecessarily.

We request you to complete this short form at the registration desk - no concerns about sending your information over the internet! You will be in the party in no time!

Want us to contact you first? Complete our Contact Form and someone will contact you. We try to call you within 24 hours, but if we haven't, feel free to call us! You can access our Membership Application page below.

Membership Application Page / View Membership Types and Pricing

Privacy, safety, security, and discretion are things everyone in the lifestyle are concerned about. We require a minimum amount of information about you and your partner. Here is what we ask for. Only the owners of the club have access to this information and it is protected at all times.

  • Your Names,
  • Birthday (over 21),
  • Email address (for our newsletter/emails)
  • Phone number (should we need to get in touch with you),
  • Swinglifestyle ID (optional, see for more information)

Step 2: Use Your New Membership ID to get in the party fast!

When you arrive at future parties, we will get you into the party in seconds! To speed up the process have your memebership card with you. If you need a new one, let us know! We can quickly find you in our computer system even if you don't have your card! Our goal is to get you in the party and meeting others as quickly as possible!

Membership Requirements

You must be 21 or older. That's it! No special interviews, no height or weight requirements, you can't be too old, you can be new or experienced. We believe the lifestyle is about variety and being open to others. Sure we could limit membership to a certain, select group of people but then we would keep you from meeting some of the best people in the lifestyle. This is YOUR club, not our club. We host the party, it's you that make it THE PARTY! Without you and your support, our parties would not be what they are; open to everyone. Regardless of age, sex, height, weight, experience or sexual preference, we are the club that is open to everyone (and we do mean everyone) in the lifestyle.

Quick Rules

  • The Foothills Club is a private membership only club.
  • Membership is required.
  • Membership is lifetime and good at all events and all locations. Party donations are in addition to membership fees.
  • All event donations are subject to change at any time and without notice.