You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain! Our 12 Step Program!

Our 100% Money Back New Member Guarantee

  1. The Foothills Club Setting the Standard; accept no substitutes.

    If you have attended The Foothills Club, you know first hand that there is not another club in the Southeast that even comes close in comparison. If you haven’t visited us yet, don’t take our word for it, visit our Yahoo group and ask the group members any question you want answered. You will receive an honest answer to any and all of your questions. Sure, we could tell you to contact specific people we know would give you the answer we want you to hear, but that wouldn’t be fair now would it? You pick them out, you ask them and listen to their honest answers about the club. We even encourage you to ask more than one person!

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  2. Who We Are

    We do know that our club is not what everyone is looking for, however, we do find that most people feel this is the best club around. Are we perfect? No way. What we try to do is simple. We know we can’t be everything to everybody, but we do try to offer a little something for everyone. We give you the most for your money; more couples, more drinks, more fun, and we give back to our members even more with prizes, raffles, 50/50 and more. We are always here for our members, through the good times and the bad. If you need help, let us hear from you. Our members are the most important part of the Foothills Club.

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  3. So, How Are We Different?

    People drive from all over the Southeast to visit our club each month. Many drive 4 or more hours from Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, and of course South Carolina. Our members also come from Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, with some having flown in from Daytona Beach, Florida! Even with the price of gas today, our members know a good deal when they see it and they come back every month to experience South Carolina’s hottest, most sexy club.

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  4. Who Attends our Events?

    You may be wondering why couples do this; what makes us such a great destination/club? Every month we host two major events in a smoke free ballroom with a specific theme in two different cities in South Carolina. This event includes our Complementary Open Bar where your drinks are always on us, but it doesn’t end there.

    Our events are attended by the hottest, sexiest, most seductive couples in the Southeast, and we add, these couples are real people just like you and me. They are friendly, not pushy, respectful of limits, accepting of everyone, young and old, experienced or not. You can socialize and meet more people at one of our events than you would ever be able to meet on any online service in any month or at many of the other clubs.

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  5. But Wait, There is More!

    After hours of dancing, drinking and socializing, it seems that everyone is looking for something to eat to give them the energy to keep on into the wee hours of the morning. Don’t worry, you don’t have to leave the building as we provide drinks and appetizers throughout the evening that will rejuvenate you!

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  6. And Even More Still!

    So you’re not ready to call it an evening? Join our members in one or more of the after party events. Many of our members find this an excellent way to meet couples in a relaxing, playful setting which often leads to even more fun later in the evening.

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  7. This Costs a Fortune, right?

    All of the above is included for an insane donation of only $40. Our lifetime membership fee is affordably priced at $10. Of course, we don’t expect you to drive home after the event and miss out on all the fun so we have worked out a special deal with our host hotel where all of our rooms are affordably priced around $50 each night.

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  8. Simply No Comparison!

    Add it up and the most you will spend at our Foothills Club event is less than $140 and that includes a room for Friday and Saturday night, the party, and membership if you need it.

    Our Friday evening events are free, and BYOB. For two nights at other clubs, it would cost you much more and you would still have to bring your own drinks to the party; don’t be surprised when you find just a handful of couples there to meet you.

    You can come to the event for as little as $40 and that includes everything but the room and membership; you can’t beat that deal anywhere and we provide alcohol at each of our major themed events.

    Others have tried to do what we do for less only to find out that it simply cannot be done for long. They get you in and before you know it, you're paying more than some place else. Our donation and hotel room rates have been stable for years and we know what it takes to host an event every month. Remember, we've been here since 1985 and we will be here next year too. Expect the best, depend on the best!

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  9. Our Promise to you and there is NO Catch!

    We believe in our members so much, we are willing to make this promise to you. If you come to one of our events and you meet no one but our staff, we will refund your donation and membership amounts. That’s a $50 value! All we ask is that you do two things.

    As a new member, you must first attend our meeting for new members held in the ballroom at 7pm on Saturday evening. Second, you must attend the Saturday evening event; it’s that simple. If no one introduces themselves to you, let us know and your $50 will be cheerfully refunded.

    This offer is only available to new couples for their first visit. If you come back for a second visit, you must have had a good time the first time!

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  10. Why Are We Making this Promise?

    It's real simple. If you have never been to our club, or any other club for that matter, you may be scared to death to try out something different. If you have been to other clubs before, there is the good possibility that you have arrived and left disappointed when the promises you were made simply were not true. We want you to know that while what you read and hear about our club may sound too good to be true, we want you to experience it first hand for yourself, and discover all the good things you have heard are true! While other clubs may 'bait' you in with what sounds like an offer you can't refuse, we deliver what others simply can not! No bait and switch here!

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  11. So What Have You Got to Lose?

    You are never under any obligation to do anything you don’t want to, you can feel safe and secure in our hotel and ballroom and if you don’t meet anyone, we will give you your money back.

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  12. So What Have You Got to Gain?

    Memories each month, and friendships with other lifestyle couples that will last a lifetime. Come visit us soon, you won’t be disappointed.

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