Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How and when do I pay?
    We do not accept payment over the phone or through our website. You must have a valid membership to attend our events. Memberships can only be paid for at the door and are good for life. We require a short information form to be completed. Party donations are accepted at the entrance door to the ballroom. Exact change is appreciated! CASH ONLY! For your safety, discretion and protection, we do not accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards or checks!

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  2. What should I expect?
    The club is often referred to as a 'hotel party' but reality is, the club is a party hosted in a private hotel ballroom. This isn't your run of the mill 'hotel party'.

    Each Saturday night party has a theme, popular ones include Halloween, Mardi Gras, Pimp and Ho and more. The ballroom is decorated from ceiling to floor with special emphasis to set the mood for the evening.

    We encourage couples to come to the party expecting to make new friends, in a safe, discrete setting. Should you want to take it to another level, hotel rooms are a just a short distance away. For your safety and security, sex is not allowed within the ballroom or in any public area of the hotel.

    Our experienced DJ will keep you mixing and mingling all night long.

    We host the party - it's you that makes it THE party. Each main event includes a Complimentary Open Bar at no additional cost to you; you may BYOB as well.

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  3. Is it an Orgy?
    Funny you should ask! There are many different types of lifestyle events, and we are sure there are some that include an orgy of people. When you enter into the ballroom of any of our events, you will not see or experience an orgy. If this is what you are looking for, you will be disappointed. However, if you are looking to spend an evening socializing, flirting, dancing and getting to know people in the lifestyle in a casual no pressure environment, then we are exactly what you are looking for.

    Imagine our party as similar to going to your local nightclub, however, in our case, everyone in the ballroom is a member and involved in the lifestyle in some way. We encourage couple interaction so you may find those who best match what/who you are looking for. Since our events are held at a hotel, taking it to the next level is easy. We recommend taking advantage of our reduced rates, especially if you have been drinking. Having your own room to go back to for relaxing, pleasure, or sleeping it off is the best way to make it a great weekend!

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  4. Do I have to be a member?
    Yes and no. Want to test drive the club? Join us on a Friday evening for our exclusive to the lifestyle Karaoke Meet and Greet. We start the evening playing a mix of music and videos to set the mood to meet others in a no pressure and comfortable setting. See monthly event details for membership fees and party cost. Strictly a BYOB event, open as late as 1:30am.

    All events require a valid membership card. Your membership card is good for life and good at all locations and events.

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  5. It's been a long time since we attended, are we still a member?
    Sometime in late 2009 or early 2010, membership was changed from annual to lifetime. We believe that a lifetime member is a lifelong friend.

    In 2011, we began using a new registration system with each member having a unique membership number. Each member is given a new card with their number; please bring this with you for quick and easy check in.

    If you have a 'lifetime' membership card prior to August 2011, we will honor it, however, you will still need to complete a new registration form so we can get you into our system. If you have an annual membership card or cannot find your card, you will need to complete the registration process and pay the current lifetime membership fee. Your membership card is good for life and good at all locations and events.

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  6. What sort of people come to the club?
    Our members represent all age groups with a typical age of 30-50. Many are married or life long partners. We are one of the few clubs to allow single males (we do limit them) and of course single females too We do not discriminate at all, regardless of race, age, height, weight, sexual preference, or social standing. We believe the lifestyle is about being open to new people and new ideas; if variety is the spice of life, the Foothills Club is the spice you are looking for.
    We also don't believe it's up to us to say which couples and which singles may attend our party. You don't have to submit an application and have it approved by an approval committee based on some set of rules. You don't have to be 'height/weight' proportionate, you don't have to be under a certain age; all are welcome.

    Our only requirement is for you to be open minded and respectful of others. We know everyone is not for everyone, but someone is for you, and that special someone is probably at one of our events.

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  7. Why do you allow singles?
    Our experience is that many couples look for singles, guys and ladies. Some couples look specifically for a MFM or FMF situation. It's difficult to experience this situation without a single. We do ask that our singles be respectful of others especially when it comes to No means No.

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  8. Do we have to participate in the party activities?
    No one at one of our events should make you feel uncomfortable in attempting to make you do something you are uncomfortable doing. We encourage everyone that if there is a problem, find one of our many staff members and have them address the issue immediately. We understand what's going on at each of our parties and sometimes alcohol plays a part in people's judgement. We will address any and all situations as we are made aware of them.

    We pride ourselves in the fact that our parties are a safe, discrete, secure setting plus it's a no pressure environment. Remember, however, should you decide to take it back to a hotel room, we cannot be held responsible. We ask that everyone play safe and know what you are getting into.

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  9. What is the dress code?
    The Foothills Club has never had a specific dress code and there are no plans whatsoever to change this. We want you to come to one of our events wearing what you feel comfortable wearing and not what someone says you must wear in order to attend.

    Our Friday evening Meet and Greets are casual from jeans to lingerie.

    Our Saturday evening events revolve around some theme, giving you an idea of how the room will be decorated and how your outfit may fit in. Many will dress for the theme, but it is not a requirment. We will say that those who do dress for the theme have a lot of fun and are often very creative. Don't let this stop you from wearing what you enjoy most.

    Ladies are often in revealing, provocative, seductive outfits including night gowns or lingerie. Guys usually wear jeans to nice slacks.

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  10. What's the average age?
    Our members' ages range from the late 20's to the late 50's. As stated earlier, we do not discriminate on age. Don't let the fear of someone older or younger than you keep you from coming and having a good time.

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  11. What if we meet someone we know?
    If you are in the lifestyle for any length of time, you are almost assured of running into someone you know outside of the lifestyle.

    However, do not let this fear keep you from attending an event. Rememeber, they are here for the same reasons you are, to have a good time.

    Of course it doesn't mean you have to hang out with them, our events are held in a ballroom large enough to keep ample space between you and them.

    What happens at a Foothills Party, stays at a Foothills party

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  12. What about hotel rooms?
    Since our events are held in a hotel ballroom, a hotel room is just a few steps away. We have negotiated a special rate with hotel management, simply mention the club's name to get our special rate.

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  13. What if we have a little too much to drink?
    For our main event, we include our Complementary Open Bar for you at no additional cost to you. Our bartender will be happy to serve you until 11:45. She will also cut you off and in her opinion, you have had too much to drink. We do not tolerate rude or obnoxious behavior and will ask you to leave the party until you are in a better state of mind.

    You may also Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) to any of our events.

    If you do not have a room, we can call a cab for you or if you live close by, we may be able to get you a ride home. We do not encourage drinking and driving; we ask everyone to please drink responsibly. We encourage everyone to have a designated driver and we will take your keys from you until we believe you are safe to drive home.

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  14. Do I need to make a reservation for club events?
    Our events are listed on a dozen or more lifestyle websites, each with the ability to 'sign up' for each event. This is 100% optional, however, we do encourage you to put your name on any and all lists. This is a great way to meet others prior to the party (via email/messenger) and also see who else is planning on attending.

    We do not require you to sign up on any list on any website; you do not have to make a reservation in order to attend. We understand the life gets in the way and plans change where you may not be able to make it due to something coming up at the last minute. Of course, you can show up if your plans change and you find yourself able to make it! Last minute plans? Come on!

    Our ladies at registration love to party and usually close registration around 9:30pm. If you find you will be arriving after this time, be sure to see the DJ to check in and receive your armbands.

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  15. Mild to Wild, newbie to experienced, will I fit in?
    While there may be an official definition of what the lifestyle is, it's come a long ways from 'wife swapping'. It's been said that the man gets a couple in the lifestyle, the woman keeps them in it.
    We encourage people to go at their own pace, their own comfort level, and communicate with each other their desires, fantasies, rules, concerns.
    Soft swap (watching), full swap (couples), 3-somes and more are terms you will see/hear.

    Club parties, Hotel Parties, and House Parties are several types of parties you may hear about. Be careful to read the details and ask lots of questions; all parties are not the same and definitely not always as advertised.

    We encourage people to try them all out and see what they like best. Don't believe the hype or what you may hear from others; check it out yourself. Some in the lifestyle will say bad things about other type of parties to discourage you from going anywhere else. To us, it's never about the money, it's about the lifestyle and having a good time. Our greatest payoff is to see smiles on the faces of our members.

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  16. What if the host hotel is full?
    Each of our hotel events tend to fill quickly and there are other hotels located close by. For our major events like Halloween and New Year's Eve, we encourage making reservations early. For all of other events, we encourage booking early too, to get that preferred room. Did you like the room you were in this month? Reserving it when you check out is the best way to get that same room again!

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  17. Why do you want me to bring my valid driver's license or picture ID?
    For the protection of our members and to insure their safety and discretion, we insure that the name on the ID matches the name on the completed member form. We only require your ID with your initial membership registration. After you are entered into our computer, presenting your membership card lets us check you in quickly and also lets us know you are who you are and that you have been previously verified. You must be 21 or older for alcohol purposes.
    We recommend all new members attend orientation at 7pm in the ballroom on the night of the main event. While this is not a requirement, it gives us the opportunity to go over the few rules that we do have and allows you to meet our staff and other 'new' couples.

    Your information will not be traded, given, or sold to anyone. Our legal team will protect your information as well.

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