Anderson : March 15, 2024 - 8:30pm - Mega Party Night 1 - Mardi Gras

March 15, 2024 - 8:30pm - Mega Party Night 1 - Mardi Gras
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How LUCKY can you get? Do not miss the opportunity to experience this Mega Party! With an early Mardi Gras and our March party so close to St Patrick's day, we thought 'What better opportunity than to make it ONE MEGA PARTY WEEKEND!

Friday Night will be our annual Mardi Gras party complete with Babes, Boobies, Beads and more. Reward the women with beads as they reveal their naughty bits! Heck, men can earn them too! The more they bare, the more they share!

Saturday Night will be our first ever St Patrick's day event. Will it become a tradition? You can be a part of this inaugural event and let us know!

Don't be afraid to ask what's under the Kilt. Is it still a kilt if the guy is wearing something underneath? Kilting me softly!

Will the lady get lucky tonight? Will the men get lucky? Sure to be a lot of lucky charms for the entire night, if not the whole weekend!

Party Information:
The doors to the ballroom open at 8:30pm Friday, 8:00pm Saturday, and continue until as late as 1:30am!

Set you inhibitions aside for the evening and be as wild as you dare!

Our Events are for members only, however, you may become a member at the door the night you attend - Lifetime Membership: $10

Donation Breakdown (Cash Only)

Friday night only:

Couples: $50
Single Ladies: Free
Single Guys: $70*

Saturday night ONLY:

Couples: $50
Single Ladies: Free
Single Guys: $70*
Single Guys with Couple: $50

Friday and Saturday night:

Couples: $80
Single Ladies: Free
Single Guys: $100*
Single Guys with Couple: $80

*Single men are limited to 10% of the number of attendees. Please contact us via phone/email before attending or after signing up, otherwise you will not be confirmed.

Seating and tables are provided based on the number who sign up for each event - 200+ members for our larger events. Our dance area is complete with a lighted stripper pole for your dancing pleasure PLUS our very own St Andrews cross for those who enjoy a little BDSM.

This is not an on premise sex club environment; sex is not allowed in the ballroom - dance, socialize, flirt, seduction is always encouraged.

Partial nudity is acceptable; rude behavior is NOT acceptable!

Experienced DJ
Our experienced DJs play music from the past and present to dance and set the mood for a fun evening keeping you moving all night long with 1000's of songs and music videos - no one does it like we do! State of the art LED and laser lights set the mood along with a lighted disco ball for those intimate moments!

Sign up:
We do not require you to sign up for our party to attend. The number who sign up on any lifestyle site represent a portion of those will attend!

However, we encourage you to sign up for all events you plan on attending. This helps us plan but also helps you meet people prior to the event! An invitation is not required either! By reading this you are automatically invited!

You may bring your own, including coolers. This is an Open Bar and BYOB event; our Complementary Open Bar provides mixed drinks and beer until 11:45pm. Our bartender works for tips alone; please take care of her! For your safety, do not take open containers outside the ballroom. Liquor stores close at 7pm and are not open on Sunday - plan accordingly

We provide finger foods and snacks for you to enjoy throughout the evening. Our standard fare includes hand prepared sandwiches, fruit, chips, popcorn, meatballs (with our very own special recipe sauce). You never know what we may add to our table! Be sure to check it out!

Location Information:
Events are hosted in a private ballroom with over 2700 square feet of smoke free ballroom space.

A room is NEVER required to attend any of our events, however, those who get a room say they have more fun. Ask for The Foothills club rate when calling in your reservation. You must make your reservation by contacting the hotel by 12 noon the day before the event.

Dress Code:
None - Wear what you feel comfortable wearing - be yourself!

Never a requirement, dress to impress or sexy/seductive/risqué, revealing attire for the ladies is always acceptable! (Please be street legal when NOT in the ballroom).

Club Information:
Phone: 864-419-8175

Come check out why we are more than a club, we are a lifestyle; a tradition since 1985. Visit the original club in South Carolina; open to everyone in the lifestyle regardless of age or sexual preferences.

We do not discriminate for any reason.

We may host the party, but it is our awesome members who make it THE party place in the Southeast!

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Event Donation (Cash Only)

Couple - Friday Night Only:
Saturday Only:
Both Nights:
Single Female - $0
Single Male - Friday Night Only:
Saturday Only:
Both Nights:
Single Males with a couple - Friday Night Only:
Saturday Only:
Both Nights:
Lifetime Membership (required) - $10

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