Current Members - Bring a couple, get in for free

Attend our main event for free!

Our unique and special offer to you

This deal is so special we don't know of another club offering it!  You can attend our Saturday night event for free, and it's so easy, everyone can do it!

There are 1000's of couples in the lifestyle within a short distance of each of our events.  There are 1000's more living close to you, maybe even in your own neighborhood.

We can advertise all day long, but there is one thing we can't do and that's convince people that we aren't just advertising.  We believe in our members and the club just as much as you do, but of course, you wouldn't expect anything less now would you?

Current members can earn a free party by bringing a couple who isn't a member of the club, and attending New Member orientation at 7pm in the ballroom!  It's our way of saying Thank You!